1. Comprehensive Obstetric Care: We work with all aspects of Obstetric care, including all aspect of high risk obstetrics, habitual abortion, multiple gestation-twins and triplets, ectopics, vaginal birth after one previous c-section, congenital or birth defects, hypertension, diabetics, hematological defects—blood clots, molar pregnancy, placenta previa etc
  2. Team approach: We work closely with best of local Perinatologists (high risk obstetrics) , and other specialties – such as Cardiology and Infection diseases, gastrointestinal etc, in case of need.
  3. 24/7 coverage: We provide round the clock coverage in case of emergency, and urgent office visits.
  4. Continuity of Care: Patients will be cared for by the same doctor without worry about inconsistency.
  5. Hospital: Best in the region with state of art facilities, with level 3-4 neonatal care, at Shady Grove Hospital and Fairfax Inova Hospital.
  6. Ob Care Package: We provide discounted package services for those who don’t have insurance coverage, including all office visits, all laboratory tests, and post-delivery visits. We also work with hospitals to ensure lower costs for the hospital stay.
  7. Attention to Patients Concerns: We believe patients know their body best and we listen closely for their concerns. We take our time to explain and care for their concerns. We believe an educated and knowledgeable  patient is a better patient.
  8. Better than average C-section rate: We try our best to lower chances for a C-section.  We do many things to lower the chances for a C-section before and during labor.

Gynecological Care

  1. Comprehensive Gynecological Care: We provide all aspects of care for women , including contraception, irregular periods, heavy menstruation, infertility- difficult ovulation, tubal obstruction, insemination, fibroids, endometrisis, pelvic pains, osteoporosis, menopause and pre-menopause, ovarian tumors or cysts, abnormal pap smears, prolapsed uteruses, urine incontinence, STDs, precocious puberty, and more.
  2. Minimally Invasive procedures: We have understood minimally invasive procedures such as laproscopic procedures are better for the patient since 1992. Recovery is much faster and pain is much less. We do most of our own hysterectomies or endometriosis, ectopic pregnancies etc by laproscopic procedures. In many situations, we advise against any surgery if the conditions don’t impact the patients much, or if the conditions can be managed medically.
  3. Provide reasons and options: We take our time to explain reasons we are doing certain tests and/or examinations, and always provide different options for each conditions, including different options for contraceptions, different ways to treat endometriosis, fibroids or bleeding, so the patient can make their best choice.
  4. Discounted Visits or Procedures: We provide discounted services for those with no insurance for all types of visits and procedures /surgery, and blood tests.